basic policies for exams

There will be five exams in this course (see the class schedule) on material covered in lectures and assigned reading.

Each will last 30 minutes and consist of three short essays on topics covered since the previous exam.

The fifth exam is scheduled during the time for the final exam, but it will follow exactly the same format and rules as the preceding four exams.

Keep your studying up to date -- bring your questions about previous topics to class every day!


rules for exams in this course

The University's Honor Code applies to the exams
(and everything else) in this course (as in every course).

You may study with other students for the exams if you wish,
but you must write each exam on your own, without referring to
written or electronic information (no notes, books, cell phones, ipods, computers, or other devices).


format for exams

Each exam consists of three questions.

Answer each question with a short essay (10 minutes each).

Use a separate answer sheet for each question
(sheets for answers will be distributed at the exam).

Write your name on each page.

Write and sign the Honor Code pledge at the top of the first page.


three important suggestions

Whenever appropriate, tell how a study was done,
what the results were, and what the results mean.

Explain or define key terms.

Plan your answer before you write!


bottom line

Studying for exams is a way to review and to think more about the topics we have discussed in lectures and readings.