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evolutionary programs for Mac OS X

The following programs are free of charge for purposes of education and research.

They can be copied and distributed for these purposes, provided the relevant "Info" files
accompany them without any modification.

Group Selection Revealed!

...demonstrates possibilities for
the evolution of altruism by group selection.

Current version (for Mac OSX 10.5 or earlier): 6 January 2006

Download [16 KB .zip file]

Group Selection Information (pdf)

Speciation Revealed!

...a fully evolutionary program that demonstrates
possibilities for sympatric (and allopatric) speciation.

Current version (for Mac OSX 10.6 and later): 15 November 2007
(This version is in development. Some parameters are disabled.)

Download [76 KB .zip file]

Enjoy these programs!   Let me know what you discover . . .
. . . and please send suggestions to rhwiley@email.unc.edu.

Haven Wiley