Piper, W. H., and R. H. Wiley.   1990.   Correlates of range size in wintering white-throated sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis).   Animal Behaviour 40:   545-552.


A 400-m trapline along a hedgerow was used to calculate sizes of winter ranges in a migratory population of 328 white-throated sparrows during three winters. Although range size varied greatly among individuals, the ranges of most sparrows extended for 100 m or less along the trapline.

Birds tended to return to the same location and to have ranges of similar sizes from year to year.

A multivariate analysis of variables affecting range size revealed that dominant birds tended to have small ranges, possibly because their dominating ability would decrease if they left familiar areas.

Range size also decreased with age, an apparent indication that old and young individuals used space differently in attempting to survive a winter.

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