Updated ... 25 June 2018
Wiley's homepage

for analysis of birdsong, human speech, and other sounds

WildSpectra and WildSpectraLive

for Mac OS X
through macOS 10.12 Sierra

Keith Wiley and R. Haven Wiley
c 2000-2010

The WildSpectra programs record, display, and analyze spectrograms (also called sonagrams)
on any Mac computer.

WildSpectra opens a sound file (AIFF, WAV, or SD2 formats, 22.05 or 44.1 KHz digitizing rates,
monaural), including files from digital recorders, and displays spectrograms of the file.

It can open very big files and spread the spectrograms all over your screen (even a 30-inch screen).
You can also edit the file, save PICT files of spectrograms, display frequency and time sections,
log time-frequency points from the spectrograms by clicking your mouse, and if you are lucky
even collect data automatically.

WildSpectraLive records sounds on your Mac and displays spectrograms in real time.

You simply connect a microphone or a tape-recorder to a PowerMac, iMac, or PowerBook
(through the sound input port or through a USB interface),
use the Sound Preferences Panel to select the appropriate input, and then launch WildSpectra.
You can make the real-time spectrograms big and spread them all over your screen.

All of these options -- and others -- become clear after examining the "Help!" items in the menus.
The menus provide the "manuals" for both WildSpectra programs.

If you have used an earlier version of WildSpectra. . .
notice that some features have changed!
Read the information on the download page and study the "Help!" items in the menus.

Latest versions (more information)
WildSpectra -- 100408
WildSpectraLive -- 080303

Just enough information to get you started ...

analyzing sounds (for beginning undergraduates)

using WildSpectra (for teaching assistants)

a (brief) introduction to spectral analysis

Conditions for Use

We would be happy to have WildSpectra used for
teaching or research in schools and universities.
You can download and use WildSpectra for these purposes free of charge.

Use of WildSpectra for commercial purposes
is not permitted without special arrangements.

Distributing copies of WildSpectra (even giving a copy to a friend) is not permitted.
Instead, tell friends to come to this site to download their own copies.

If you wish to use WildSpectra for an approved purpose, please . . .

send a brief email with your name and address to rhwiley@email.unc.edu

and then click on the following link to reach the download page ...

I accept the above conditions! I am ready to download!

Please send us your suggestions or other feedback!

Email rhwiley@email.unc.edu