Application of Signal Detection Theory to the evolution of signals in animal communication

This projects uses both theory and experimentation to explain the evolution of animals signals in relation to limitations on signal detection by receivers.

Variation in vocalizations of Amazonian birds in relation to territorial cooperation and speciation

The goal of this project is to understand the evolution of variation in vocal signals within and among populations in an area of high species diversity.

Signal recognition during long-range acoustic communication

This project examines communication of species and individual identity where receivers must recognize signals in intense similar noise.

Variation in time and space in avian populations

This project employs novel census techniques to examine variation in avian populations at nested scales in time and space.

Customized computer programs for the analysis and synthesis of animal signals

This ongoing project develops programs for customized spectral analysis of acoustic signals and for synthesis of complex signals such as those used by birds and frogs.

Breeding bird surveys at a local level

This ongoing project involves many "citizen-scientists" in standardized breeding bird surveys in three counties near Chapel Hill, NC.   See Mini Breeding Bird Surveys on my home page.